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Ronnie Bertilsson

Number of Years Fishing: Carp Fishing 8 Years UK P.B : Swedish 43.11 Foreign P.B: 52.08 Other Sponsors: Bank Bug, G-Force Tackle, ATT Favourite Venue : Hagasjön Sweden

Most memorable capture: A tricky one but I have to say my first Swedish 40lb

Funniest moment on the bank: Haha, not for the public arena.

ME: I have fished all my life since I was a kid on and off, when I was 20 years old I started to target specimen carp. Unfortunately I did burn myself out by fishing the nights and working the days so I stopped fishing for a few years. After a few years I showed a friend of mine a place to fish for Tench and boom I was hooked again and I started to fish for carp soon after and I haven't looked back! Carp fishing is now a big part of my life, you can´t beat it. I love to be out by myself and put my mind into catching my quarry. I love a social session with friends and everything that goes with it. With work and family commitments I'd love to find more time to fish but this is not always possible. I have a lovely family who support me and thanks Frida for being so understanding. I'm extremely proud to join this journey with Phat Fish Clothing, many thanks for asking me to join the team Keep it simple and enjoy your time on the bank.