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Frans Weemaes

Number of Years Fishing: 50 years+ UK P.B : Belgium 57.9 LB Foreign P.B: 55.9lb Other Sponsors: Central Genk Favourite Venue : The Old Schelde Belgium

Most memorable catch: My first carp from Savay Lake from a swim called  Wilson's Island.

Funniest moment on the bank: One moment that springs to mind was when John Harry the superintendent of Savay Lake filled the kettle with petrol instead of water by mistake whilst making tea, we were sitting around the kettle full of petrrol with 5 friends, the kettle boiled within 2 minutes......the tea was not the best!!haha

My name is Francois Weemaes and I've been a carp angler for more than 50years, back in the day when equipment was very basic. We had to experiment for ourselves, not like these days where information is readily available. I have fished all over Europe from the UK to Romania. I've fished on Savay Lake for two weeks every year for the past 13 years which is something I look forward to each year. I had the opportunity to fish there for a while as I was very good friends with Bruce Ashby, we were friends for over 42 years and I learnt a lot of my carping skills from Bruce. (RIP Bruce)

I am co-founder of the VBK (Belgian Anglers Association) and board member where I spent more than 20 years as the Chairman. 

I'm extremely passionate about my angling and have many very good friends over the years, it's not just about catching carp but sharing those experiences with friends along the way.

Greeting Frans