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Gianluca Alessio

Number of Years Fishing: 30 Years UK P.B : Italian 58lb Foreign P.B: 59lb Other Sponsors: Summit Tackle, Ridgemonkey, G Baits, Godman PVA Favourite Venue : Austria and Slovenia dams and mountain lakes

Most memorable capture: Big common carp while snowing

Funniest moment on the bank: making a fake bait alarm sound near my friends bivvy :D Since I was 6 years old, I've been chasing my dreams along the shores of rivers and lakes.My desire for exciting and diverse challenges grew as I matured: Europe, and then Asia and America are and have been the key destinations of my adventures with one target: the big freshwater fishes (carp as first).I am a fisherman, before a pure carp-fisher even if I pratice carpfishing from 1994. My favourite carp "home waters" are close to the italian border where I live, usaully both natural and accumulation lakes.