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Francesco Alessandrini

Number of Years Fishing: 17 Years UK P.B : Italian 25kg Foreign P.B: Summitt Tackle, Ridge Monkey Godman PVA Other Sponsors: 24kg Favourite Venue : Big Lakes and Rivers

Most memorable capture: 24 kg common in Bolsena lake. It was an hot summer and I caught it long range, more than 450m from the bank with a little pop up, in a hard ground close to the weed.

Funniest moment on the bank: two years ago in a week session with Mario Portelli, it was crazy! Fishing is magic when you don’t know what it hang on the other side of the line. That’s why I prefere to fish in the unknown big lakes or in the wild rivers. I love to stay and to feel the nature around me, and my approach is always with discretion