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David Martinez

Number of Years Fishing: 26 Yrs UK P.B : Spanish 27KG Foreign P.B: N/A Other Sponsors: Mad Baits, Carplounge Favourite Venue : Sierra Brava

Most memorable capture: 28lb koi

Funniest moment on the bank: jumping in the ice cold water to save my mates rod from getting pulled in.

I started flyfishing for trout with my dad at age 12 in belgium , something i still enjoy doing , but i soon started to get an intresed in other species like perch , pike ,barbel and eventualy carp , wich is after more than 15 years still one of my biggest passions in live . I have fished channels and rivers in belgium , i do a trip to france every year , but what i enjoy most are the big wild lakes in spain in persuit of virgin carp . My favourite baits are boilies and pelets . For me carpfishing is not only about caching big carp , but also beeing outside in nature and spending time on the bank with friends who share the same passion .