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Tom De Maat

Number of Years Fishing: As long as I can remember and 8 years specifically on carp. UK P.B : Dutch 49+ lbs common. Foreign P.B: 46+ lbs mirror (Belgium) Other Sponsors: Attractive Baits and my own company: Dutch Reel Pimping. Favourite Venue : Road trips across France. (Not one specific lake however)

Most memorable capture: That will be the night when I caught 3 of my targets in 8 hours. Funniest moment on the bank: During every trip I have so much fun and we are always doing crazy things. For example, during our last trip, we slept behind the guardrail of a highway. Furthermore, another time, we got stuck with our car on an off road path at 4:00 AM. As you can image, at that moment it was not really that funny, but now we can laugh about it!

About me: My name is Tom de Maat and I’m 19 years old. I live in the south of the Netherlands, 3 km from Belgium. I like big adventures and to get the maximum out of a session. I describe my trips to France therefore not as relaxed trips. These trips often consist of days with 20 hours of driving, prebaiting and walking around. However, I really enjoy it! When I fish in the Netherlands and Belgium, I invest all my concentration on one lake and stay there until I have my targets. Observation, thinking about what you are doing and prebaiting are the key! 90% of the time I use a blowback rig on a helicopter system. Last but not least: Don’t forget to enjoy your style of fishing and don’t look to much at other anglers. Tight lines, Tom