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Raf Swinnen

Number of Years Fishing: 30 Years+ UK P.B : 64.4 Belgium Common Foreign P.B: Sticky Baits, Avid Other Sponsors: 59.05 Favourite Venue : Rivers and Canals

My passion for canals and rivers!

I grew up on the banks of the large Belgian Albert Canal. My youth I stayed many nights on this large and busy water. 25 years ago our record fish were carp of 20 lbs. Today these are the smallest copies, but my passion kept growing and I spied on to Belgian largest river "la Meuse" big and rough, shipping and industry do not make it easy to catch big carp. But precisely that is what carp angler for me so special! A merit at each catch "a totally different carp fishing, the fish are there strong and crude" that's what I like to share with you together with Phatfishclothing! Raf Swinnen