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Stijn Praet

Number of Years Fishing: 30+ UK P.B : N/A Foreign P.B: 52lb Mirror Other Sponsors: Imperial Fishing, Carp R\'Us Favourite Venue : Lac Du Der in France

Most memorable catpture: My first carp on the Lac du Der. A common of 27lbs, but so happy to get this tresssure out of this massive big lake.

Funniest moments at the bank: about ten years ago I was fishing in France with my brother in law. We had a few drinks to much. When staring at the water we both saw a huge monster crossing over. Never drink on the bank!

I’m a 37 years old carp addicted fellow, living in the east Flanders in Belgium. To earn the daily fare, I work as a freelance interior designer. I’m also responsible for the sale and distribution of the German Imperial Fishing. I love a busy life full of challenges. When I go fishing I want to be left alone. Maybe that is why my preference goes to the big lakes. Calm, tranquility, nature,… Often find no other anglers, carps without names. Working hard for a fish. But the satisfaction is so great, and the unknown attracts me like a magnet back to it. Tight lines!