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Joe Jaggar

Number of Years Fishing: 12 UK P.B : 40.09 Foreign P.B: 47.08 Other Sponsors: Nash Bait, Nash Tackle, Baitzone (particles) Favourite Venue : Elstow Pit 2

Most memorable capture:
32.10 MirroFunniest moment on the bank:Watching two lads brawl over a petty argument, you had to be there to really understand how funny it actually was, but the pictures go a long way to explaining!

About me and my favourite style of angling:
My Name's Joe, I'm currently 23 years old and live in my hometown of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, which for those of you who dont know, is near the city of Carlisle. This obviously narrows down my chances of catching big carp, hence why I travel so far down south every week in search of some proper lumps. Ive fished waters such as Redesmere, Elstow Pit 2, Christchurch, Manor Farm, Wyre Lake, the world famous Rainbow lake and many others all with a degree of success. My current UK PB came from a Lancashire syndicate that I was pre-baiting for several weeks a couple of times a week after work, despite the fact that it was a 200 mile round trip from my house, as I am a firm believer that effort equals reward.r known as "Stars and Stripes" from a Cumbrian club water in February 2009